An approaching storm …

An approaching storm …

It’s a hot, humid summer afternoon. You’ve watched the weather. You’ve heard the forecast. You know there’s a possibility that a storm is coming.

Then you hear a faint rumble of thunder in the distance. The sky begins to grow dark. The treetops begin to sway. You can just “feel” something is about to happen. Your dog drops his ears & cowers at your feet. Your smartphone’s weather alert tone sounds as the meterologists issue a warning for the approaching thunderstorm.

The rain begins to fall, growing harder by the minute. The wind grows stronger & stronger, until it is at a howling level. The thunder & lightning are almost simultaneous as the storm now rages directly overhead. You look out the window & see debris being scattered down the street. Your neighbor’s trash can skitters into the gutter. The rain is now coming down in sheets. Limbs are breaking off of trees. Plates in your kitchen cabinets rattle with every thunderclap, as do the pictures on the wall & mantle. A tree in your front yard crashes down, barely missing the corner of your house.

It doesn’t last that long. The wind begins to die down. The rain slows to a pleasant shower. Eventually, the sun peaks out, causing a rainbow to form to the east. The storm has passed & left great change in its wake. There’s a fresh, cleanness in the air. It’s time to assess what has happened.

Revival is coming. It has been forecasted & the conditions are ripe (2 Chron. 7:14). All around us are rumblings that indicate that it’s needed & it’s coming. And, yes, it may just feel like a storm when it happens. If that’s what it takes for true revival to come to my life, then I’m ready. If God determines that some storm clouds need to move into my life, then so be it. It may not be pleasant. In fact, it is a little scary to think about that. But change is scary, inevitable, & needed. And revival brings change in a multitude of different ways.

Let’s let the Holy Spirit blow through our lives. Let’s let Him blow away anything in our lives that is hindering His work. Let’s let Him bring the needed change to our hearts & His Church. Let’s get ready for the storm of the work of God.

Are you struggling with the stormy image of the work of God in revival?  Read Psalm 29:3-11. Then begin praying & watching the treetops.



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