Deacon Nominations

Deacon Nominations

We are at that time of year again where we are receiving deacon nominations from our membership.  Nomination forms can be found within the Worship Communicators as you enter the Worship Center or you can download a copy of the form below and bring it to church with you.  Nominations will be received through the last Sunday of September.  Place your nominations in the box located in the Welcome Center.

Country Wood Deacon Nomination Form

A deacon shall conform to the Biblical requirements of 1 Timothy 3:8-13.

Country Woods Deacon Qualifications:

  • Active member of Country Woods Baptist Church for at least 12 months prior to nomination.
  • At least 21 years of age.
  • Must have demonstrated a love for Jesus Christ and Country Woods Baptist Church by active involvement in worship, Bible study, and other ministries of the church.
  • Must be faithfully committed to the mission statement and core values of Country Woods Baptist Church.
  • Must commit to conscientiously being a life steward.
  • Faithfully attend all scheduled and called Deacon meetings unless providentially hindered.
  • Actively participate in the decision making process exhibiting an attitude of harmony and cooperation.
  • Do everything possible to undergird the pastor, church staff and church leadership.
  • Work actively to promote harmony and a sweet spirit among the church membership.
  • Actively support and participate in lifestyle evangelism whereby one proclaims the gospel of Jesus Christ through personal witnessing activities.
  • Actively support all aspects of the Deacon Ministry.

The men listed below are presently serving as active Country Woods Deacons and are not eligible to be nominated at this time:

  • Chris Ayers *
  • Steve Biggs
  • Chuck Busby *
  • Chris Cothern *
  • Brad Craft
  • Reese Daniels
  • Chuck Davis
  • Lee Dozier
  • William Everett
  • Van Jones
  • Hunter Lynch
  • Carl Mangum
  • Mark McKenzie *
  • Greg Miller
  • Kevin Nelson
  • Butch Nygren *
  • Chet Reinike
  • James Robinson *
  • Kevin Smith

Note: Those with an * are rolling off this year.