2 Samuel 11:1 is a very sobering verse of Scripture. It’s a single verse that gives great insight into the ways that men fall. Guys, we would do well to read & heed the implicit warnings that are contained in this one verse.

“In the spring, AT THE TIME WHEN KINGS GO OFF TO WAR, David sent Joab our w/ the king’s men & the whole Israelite army.  THEY destroyed the Ammonites & besieged Rabbah.  BUT DAVID REMAINED IN JERUSALEM.

David was a powerful, victorious warrior king. He had known & experienced great success in his military conquests. He SHOULD have gone out with his men again here in this verse, but he chose to stay back in Jerusalem & send someone else out to do his job. That single choice had massive implications for his life & the lives of so many others, because verses 2-4 tell the sordid tale of the worst decision of his life – the decision to commit adultery with Bathsheba.

Here are some of the struggles that we see in David’s life that we, as men, need to be aware of in our own lives:

The “LONE RANGER” Men-tality – David had spent a great deal of time with his men & his armies, fighting the enemies of Israel. During those battles, he was TOGETHER with other men doing what he was supposed to be doing. They ate with each other, talked with each other, planned & strategized with each other, battled the enemy with each other, & protected each other. He had other men in his life who provided accountability, fellowship, safety, & security for him.

But, he decided, at least for this brief time, that he didn’t need to go out with his men to fight the enemy. He stayed back in Jerusalem ALONE & VULNERABLE. That’s a dangerous place for ANY MAN to be! The “Lone Ranger” mentality sets us up for a fall.

The “LOVE MY STUFF” Men-tality – I am sure that David enjoyed the spoils of war as he & his men defeated army after army & raked in the goods of their enemies. He was a wealthy king who could have anything he wanted. This surely affected his ability to think soundly & wisely. And when he saw the beautiful Bathsheba, he began to think very UN-soundly & UN-wisely as he decided that he wanted to add her to his vast collection of goods. Greed is a vicious thing.

The LUSTFUL Men-tality – There she was. A beautiful, nude woman. He looked…He lingered…He lusted…And he lost his mind.  Without reading into the text something that’s not there, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that David certainly already knew that there was a beautiful woman who lived next door to him. He most likely had already “scoped her out,” which may have been part of the reason that he stayed back in his palace while his men – INCLUDING BATHSHEBA’S HUSBAND – went to war.

In the span of 4 short verses, David’s life crumbled into a heap of sinful rubble. And in the same way, our lives can be shattered if we allow our guard down with any of these “MEN-talities.”

MEN, Satan wants to take us down – PERIOD! He set his sights, schemes, & strategies on taking David down, & he’s doing the same for you & me.

  • He’s a relentless enemy.
  • He’s a roaring enemy.
  • He’s a real enemy.
  • He’s a raging enemy.
  • He’s a ruinous enemy.

So, how can we, as men & brothers in Christ, help one another?  Remember that there are at least 59 verses in the New Testament that are “one another” verses (“love one another…encourage one another…pray for one another…greet one another with a holy kiss” – NOT going to be practicing that with any of my Christian brothers!  HA!).  So…

GET REAL WITH ONE OTHER!  Quit thinking you’re such a massive, macho man that you don’t need anybody else in your life. That’s a load of foul-smelling stuff to think that way! Get some Godly guys in your corner! And get yourself in some guys’ corners who need YOUR help!

GET RIGHT WITH ONE ANOTHER! If you’re knowingly out of fellowship with another brother (or sister) in Christ, you’re out of fellowship with God, making you a prime target for takedown. Get right with them right now!

GET READY WITH ONE ANOTHER! It’s not a matter of “IF” Satan is going to attack you; it’s a matter of “WHEN” he’s going to attack you. Like the “Band of Brothers” from Easy Company, work together with your brothers in Christ to get ready for the enemy to attack. Stand strong in the Lord & with your brothers!

Let’s be men of “G.R.A.C.E.” – Guys who are Real, Accountable, Caring, & Encouraging! That will definitely change some of these dangerous “MEN-talities!”


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