Student Ministry

Student Ministry

The Student Ministry is a place to revive and gather in fellowship with others. I say revive because this world is so hectic and our children go through so much at school, on the field, and any other places where they spend time. The youth of today are being affected and changed and it is happening mostly when we as a family are not around them. Here at Country Woods our kids enter The Room to be revived. Based off of Psalm 31:8 we have a mighty king David who is scared to death. His enemy is ever before him and he endures stress, fear, low self-esteem, and bullying much like our kids. In verse 8 God picks him up and places him in a “safe room” or a “large room” depending on translation. God has given me a vision to help these kids feel safe, welcomed, and loved when the world wants otherwise. I promise that The Gospel is preached every chance it is given and also lived out among the kids at Country Woods (who are actually the coolest kids on earth).  On Wednesday nights I get see every kid who walks in being bombarded by others to get to know them. Not only do Bro. Jon (Pastor) and I love your kids but our kids love others just as much. Like I said, this is a great place to revive. Join us in The Room and let God take care of the rest.

MISSION: The Room is based off coming, reviving, and having fun. There are great games, skits, and amazing music along with teaching designed to encourage and strengthen your student’s walk with the Lord. We challenge our kids to not take the precious blood of Christ for granted and to get the Gospel out there. While in The Room on Wednesday nights, we like to focus on revival of the body (physically, mentally, and spiritually). We are called to be the church and we have a second statement that is found in Matthew 28:20“…Until the ends of the earth I go with you.” Jesus tells us to go make disciples unto the ends of the earth and He is always with us. Discipleship is happening in the youth room, but it is not only me doing it. We have high school seniors and college students meeting one on one with your kids talking about bible memorization and quiet times. On Sunday mornings, we are also going through the bible in three week increments learning ways to share the gospel and man these kids have witnessed to Muslims, atheists, and all sorts of people.

FAMILY PRAYER: We as Americanized church families get lost in the business of the world, but find the church on Sundays and Wednesdays the days that we can just finally get some Jesus! AMEN!! Although its good for us to go to church, this is wrong thinking. Families are making the Church their Savior rather than Jesus. They are leaving Jesus at the church and not bringing Him into their homes. God has shown me this cool way to correct this. It is a prayer challenge. On Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturdays at 7:30 PM, I send out a text for parents to stop what they are doing, find their kids and for 5 min at least ask, “What can I pray for you for?”. Then you tell them what they can pray for you for. Then you report back to me after your AMEN what has been said and my wife and I pray for the kids that night as husband and wife. If you would like to join this prayer challenge, please contact me. As a result of this challenge, families have grown and God is showing up. Family bible studies have started, scripture is being read in the homes, parents are reporting prayers answered immediately (some are still living faithful for an answer), and more importantly parents are telling me, “I have never prayed for my kids before until now.” Amazing stuff. Please join us.

Weekly Activities: 

9:00 am- Life groups in The Room

6:15 pm- Life groups in The Room

If you have any further questions, please contact Peyton Brassfield.