Pour It Out

Pour It Out

My family loves some Sweet Tea! I think I make sweet tea at least once a day. Rarely do I find the pitcher full of tea! It’s one of those things we have in our fridge that never sits in there too long. It is constantly being poured out and consumed, but I like the fact that my family empties the pitcher. Once it’s emptied, I can fill it back up again. One time I asked Matt, “What is one thing I can make sure I do for you?” His simple answer was, “Make sure we have tea made up in the fridge.” For him, having tea in the fridge lets him know I’m thinking of him. When it’s all poured out, I know he (and the rest of my family) has been satisfied.

Many of us are familiar with Hannah in 1 Samuel chapter 1:9-18. Hannah desired a baby boy more than anything else in the world. She was ridiculed; she was sad; and she did not have peace. When Hannah prayed at the entrance of the Tabernacle in front of the priest Eli, he rebuked Hannah for having too much to drink, but Hannah assured him she was not drunk. She said, “Oh no, sir! I haven’t been drinking wine or anything stronger. But I am very discouraged, and I was pouring out my heart to the LORD.” Hannah was desperate. She was in need of the Lord’s help, and she knew no one but the Lord could change her circumstance. Hannah wasn’t prideful or embarrassed about her need. Hannah just laid it all before the Lord.

When Eli discovered the reason for Hannah’s strange behavior, he gives her encouragement and a blessing, and Scripture says that Hannah “was no longer sad.”

How are you feeling these days? What thoughts consume your time? What concerns or issues bring you to a place of sadness or despair? Have you poured out your heart to God lately? He really does care about what is going on in your life, and although He knows everything before you tell Him about it, He desires for you to bring those concerns to Him. Coming to Him lets him know that you are thinking about Him and that you depend on Him to fill you up. Interestingly enough, we can’t be filled up until we are poured out. I will agree there are many ways to be poured out, but pouring out our hearts to the Lord cannot be forgotten or taken for granted.

Notice how Hannah’s countenance changed after she laid her all out before the Lord. She was no longer sad!

Was Hannah’s problem fixed at that moment? NO!

Did Hannah know how or when the Lord would answer her prayer? She didn’t!

Was Hannah sure that the Lord had heard her prayer? YES!

Did the Lord fill Hannah up with His peace? ABSOLUTELY!

Pour It Out, friends! The Lord will fill you up and satisfy you! It’s that simple.


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