Read, Pray, Obey for Today

Read, Pray, Obey for Today

About Read, Pray, Obey (RPO)

Each month one of our church members chooses a bible verse or verses for each day of the month.  We use the RPO verses as one tool to help us stay on track with our reading and study of God’s word.  As you read today’s scripture, use the following as a general guideline to process what the Lord is saying to you.

  • Read the passage for the day.
  • Pray and ask God for wisdom in applying it to your life.
  • Obey and write down one way to live it out in your life.
  • Ask these questions as you read the verses:

Is there a ….

…. Sin for me to confess?
…. Promise for me to claim?
…. Attitude for me to change?
…. Command for me to obey?
…. Example for me to follow?