Remodel Overhaul (And Then Some)

Remodel Overhaul (And Then Some)

For the last 10 weeks we have been in the midst of a kitchen and master bathroom remodel. We have talked about doing this remodel for more than 5 years, but as you know “talk is cheap.” We finally “bit the bullet,” “jumped on the bandwagon,” or whatever you want to call it.

Now that we’ve taken the plunge and jumped feet first into this remodel, it’s more than we bargained for. What started out as a mild, non-disruptive remodel, has turned in to every downstairs room being disarrayed, dusty, cluttered, and overhauled. For the remodel to begin, I had to first start cleaning out kitchen cabinets so that these cabinets could be removed…then I had to clean out all the cabinets and drawers located in the master bathroom (so they could be removed as well). Then I had to clean out the laundry room in order for the electrician to get to the breaker box. Once we started the remodel, we realized we needed to paint the den and the kitchen so that the new kitchen addition would all match. Then we realized all the kitchen backsplash would have to be changed since the newly built kitchen cabinets would have a different backsplash. It just seems the longer this remodel takes, the more remodeling we feel we need (or want). The more we’ve decided to do, the more cleaning up and cleaning out I’ve had to do. Needless to say, it has been a task for sure!

As I’ve been thinking about this remodel, God reminded me how He works to bring us Christians to a sanctified life. Much like a remodeling decision, God draws us to Himself and calls us His child. When we accept His invitation of salvation, God begins a remodel of our life. He begins His process of sanctification. He calls us to allow Him access to an area of our life that needs to be remodeled. As we allow God to clean the clutter and sweep out the mess of one area of our heart, we find that the Father calls us to allow Him entrance into another area of our lives that requires a cleaning and a sweeping and sometimes even a chipping away (like bathroom floor tile being chipped away piece by piece).

If God’s process of sanctification is anything like a home remodel it’s not an easy, seamless procedure. Here are a few things I’ve learned about God’s calling to sanctification (in relation to home remodel):

  • When one area of life is messy, God can ALWAYS clean it up.
  • When I allow God access to one area of my life, He will ALWAYS call me to give Him access to another area of my life.
  • The process of sanctification will never be complete until my earthly life is over, and I move on to glorification.
  • The sanctification process is exciting and painful all at the same time.
  • Sanctification doesn’t mean perfection….it means a perfect Father is willing to keep working on an imperfect me to make me a remodeled dwelling for His perfect Holy Spirit.

Is God calling you to allow Him to start a Remodel Overhaul (and then some) in your life? You may wonder how you will pay for it….you don’t have to because Jesus has already paid your debt. You may wonder how you will ever get all cleaned up….you don’t have to because Jesus calls you just as you are. You may think you don’t have any time for it ….you don’t have to, you just have to be willing to allow Jesus and His Spirit the time to work in you. You may think you don’t deserve it….NONE of US deserve God’s grace and mercy, but He calls us to so much more than we can ever imagine!

Give Jesus a chance to enter every room and area of your heart’s abode….Jesus is in the Remodeling Overhaul Business…And Then Some!


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