THE Answer.

THE Answer.

What’s 2+2?

What’s the name of the pro football team in New Orleans?

What’s the capital of the United States?

Most, if not all, of you can answer those questions. 3 different questions – 3 different answers.

So, let me ask you another question…

What’s the answer to a senseless shooting in a church in Charleston, SC?

Or, what’s the answer to the swelling tide of immorality that is sweeping across our nation?

Or, what’s the answer to failing marriages, pornography addiction, disunity in churches, gay marriage, abortion, & corruption in government?

Different questions – 1 answer.  The Answer is JESUS!  

Nowadays, that answer will get you fired from your job, possibly jailed, demoted or courtmartialed if you’re in the military, ostracized & ridiculed in the academic world, & cause your business traffic to slow down or cease to the point that you’ll have to close. But, I stand today – AND WILL ALWAYS UNAPOLOGETICALLY STAND – & proclaim that the Answer is JESUS!


J – He’s the JUDGE who will come again one day SOON & separate those who are His & those who are not (Matthew 25:31-46). Call out to Him & be saved before that day comes!

E – He’s the ETERNAL King of kings & Lord of lords (Revelation 19:16)! “When Jesus is called “King of kings and Lord of lords,” it means that, in the end, all other rulers will be conquered or abolished, and He alone will reign supreme as King and Lord of all the earth. There is no power, no king, and no lord who can oppose Him and win.(  Cry out to Him to be saved, & He will give you eternal life as a free gift!

S – He’s the only SAVIOR of the world!  Jesus Himself said, “I am the Way, the Truth, & the Life. No one can come to the Father except through me” (John 14:6).  Turn to Him NOW & be saved

U – He’s UNMOVED by all the trouble & struggle in our world today!  He’s not getting all freaked out & worried & uptight about all the junk we see going on around us.  Right now, He’s at the right hand of the Father as our Advocate, interceding for those who belong to Him (1 John 2:1; Romans 8:34; Hebrews 7:25).  Give your heart to Him so that He will intercede for you, too!

S – He’s SUPER!  Simply put, He’s the most awesome, most amazing, most loving, most powerful, most merciful, & most fantastic Person who has ever lived. Why? Because He is God, the Son, who came down to us to save us from our sins & ourselves. Don’t miss THIS opportunity RIGHT NOW to ask Him to save YOU!

So, there you go…Arrest me…Tell me I’m narrow-minded…Ridicule me…Ostracize me…Tell me that it’s just not that simple…Call me old-fashioned, out of touch, whatever your “enlightened” mind decides to call me.  THIS IS WHERE I STAND!



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